September 19, 2014

86% of B.C. teachers vote ‘yes’ to end strike


CBC: ”There will be more classroom and specialist teachers in schools to help our students. Our teachers teaching on call will get fair pay for a day’s work, and all our members will get a salary increase. With the ratification of the new collective agreement, the strike and lockout are now over. Teachers and students will be back in school on Monday.” -Jim Iker

“On behalf of government, I want to thank and congratulate B.C. teachers for voting in favour of the agreement reached earlier this week between the BCTF and BCPSEA bargaining teams,” -Peter Fassbender

When asked about how lost time in the teachers’ dispute will be made up: ”We have clearly agreed that we will move forward with the existing calendar and the remaining hours to make up any learning shortfalls that might have been there.” -Peter Fassbender

September 18, 2014

Outgoing Surrey Mayor Watts to seek federal seat

Diane Watts 07

Vancouver Sun: “Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts is hoping to dive into politics on a bigger stage, saying world events — and Canada’s role in foreign affairs — has compelled her to seek a seat with Stephen Harper’s federal Conservatives. Watts said she will seek the nomination for South Surrey-White Rock after ‘considerable reflection’ on what she wanted to do after she leaves the mayor’s chair this fall.”

September 17, 2014

BC Supreme Court blocks Burnaby’s injunction against Kinder Morgan pipeline


Burnaby Now: “Burnaby residents and anti-pipeline activists plan to block Kinder Morgan’s survey work in the Burnaby Mountain conservation area, following a Wednesday morning B.C. Supreme Court decision that rejected the city’s request for an injunction to stop the company. Kinder Morgan wants to run a new pipeline, which the city opposes, through the city-owned conservation area but must conduct survey work to see if the route is even feasible.”

Global: “Mayor Derek Corrigan says Kinder Morgan workers cut down 13 ecologically significant trees, the largest of which was 24 metres high. He says the trees cannot be replaced. Corrigan says the city was prepared to allow Kinder Morgan access for non-invasive work, but not cutting down trees in a conservation area.”

September 17, 2014

Headline Review; BC reacts to tentative teachers’ deal

Vancouver Sun: B.C. schools could reopen by Monday after ‘historic’ deal reached with teachers

Global: BC teachers’ strike: Tentative deal reached between BCTF and government

News 1130: Tentative deal reached between BC teachers and the government

Huffington Post: B.C. Teachers’ Strike: Tentative Deal Reached After Marathon Bargaining

International Business Times: BC Teachers’ Strike Reaches Tentative Deal With Government, Date of Class Resumptions Still Not Sure

CTV: ‘Historic’ tentative deal reached in B.C. teachers’ strike: premier

The Globe and Mail: Striking B.C. teachers urged to ratify ‘historic’ deal

CBC: B.C. teachers’ strike: BCTF recommends accepting 6-year deal

Times Colonist: B.C.’s public schools could reopen next week if teachers OK deal

September 16, 2014

BC, BCTF reach tentative deal in marathon talks

Global: “After all these hours, I am very pleased to announce that the parties have reached a tentative agreement. I’m not at liberty to release any of the details, nor are the parties. The parties are going to meet later this morning and finalize a few of the outstanding details, but generally speaking there has been a tentative agreement initialed by the parties and that’s really all I got to say at this point.” -Vince Ready

With regards to when students will be back in the classroom: “It’s conceivable that schools won’t be open [for students] until next week. All that prep work that has to be done to get class composition together… in all reality, even opening the school today, your child wouldn’t get much learning, it’d still be pretty chaotic.” -Keith Baldrey

September 15, 2014

Poll: BC prefers arbitration to end teacher strike

TeachersStrike 02

Insights West: “BC residents are expressing a preference to reach a settlement through binding arbitration, a new Insights West poll has found. 62% of British Columbians (and 61% of those who have children enrolled in a public school) think the contract dispute should be sent to binding arbitration immediately. Only 28% of British Columbians (and 31% of parents) disagree with this proposed course of action.”

“When asked whether the BC Government should introduce legislation to impose a contract on the BCTF, a majority of residents (57%) and parents (53%) disagree with this idea.”

September 14, 2014

May: Harper “sold us out” to China

Elizabeth May 02

Vancouver Observer: “[Prime Minister Stephen Harper] just sold us out in a very effective way that locks in his regressive environmental policies, and we will not be able to bring them back without the permission of Beijing,” said Green MP Elizabeth May, on the ratification of the China-Canada Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA).

“If we change our laws to undo the damage done by the omnibus budget bill C-36 — if we are to repair the Fisheries Act, put back in place real environmental assessment — any state-owned enterprise from China that was counting on our weak environmental laws can sue us. They can bring arbitration charges against us, and the hearings don’t have to be made public.”